Nude Photography Tips

nude photoCapturing the nude body in photography is capturing what is beautiful and what is sensual. However, since beauty is sometimes elusive and can only be seen by trained eyes, it can be very difficult to take a stunning photo of a nude body. It requires patience and skills.

Like da Vinci in drawing the Vitruvian Man, the photographer must be familiar with proportions. Like Michaelangelo in sculpting David, the photographer must know the subject very well. And like Picasso in painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, the photographer must see the sublime.

But you do not have to be a genius to take a great nude photo. Here are some simple tips that may help you deal with the challenges of nude photography:

Use digital camera

In order to save time, use a digital camera so that a picture can be taken again if you do not achieve the effects you are after (for example, the lighting is bad). This allows you to shoot hundreds of shots in a single session without having to change the film.

Make the model comfortable

The key to achieving a good shot largely depends on the model. This person should be proud of her body regardless of its size. He or she should be someone who sees nudity as a form of empowerment. A model who is anxious to show his or her nude body but is willing to pose must be made comfortable. Assure him or her that nudity is all about celebrating one’s body and that you are shooting for art’s sake. You can take photos of the model with clothes on first before you photograph him or her naked.

Aim for simple poses

Make the poses simple. Do not force the model to pose in such a way that he or she is uncomfortable. An overdone pose may not give you the best results. An effortless pose will look natural on the photo. In photography, the best and most dramatic shots are very simple shots.

Less is more

Less skin is more. This is one of the basic principles of nude photography. Try a few shots where your subject covers himself or herself up in different ways. For example, have his of her hands cover his or her torso or private parts. The subject can also make a pose in a way that some parts of his or her body covers the other parts. This works out the imagination of those who will view the photos.

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